Weird Erotic Tension

@wet___________ Weird Erotic Tension “An online community featuring sensual podcasts: spoken word, poetry, ASMR, field recordings, and explorations of sonic sexuality.” About this set: “Defeat Patriarchal Society’s control over female body and Population / Speak without fear / Love yourself / Say Vagina / Enjoy music from real babes: Pillow Queen, D.Tiffany, Astrid Monroe, Burial,Continue reading “Weird Erotic Tension”

Reading List:

“The Living Goddess” Marija Gimbutas“Trip” Tao Lin“Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Growers Guide”  O.T. Oss + McKenna“Grow Your Own Food” C. Forrest McDowel + Trisha McDowel“The Herbal Handbook: A Users Guide to Medical Herbalism” David Hoffman“The Chalise and the Blade” Riane Eisler“No Logo” Export Processing Zones, Naomi Kline“The Labyrinth of Solitude” Octavio Paz“Economics as if Caring Matters”Continue reading “Reading List:”