Weird Erotic Tension


Weird Erotic Tension

“An online community featuring sensual podcasts: spoken word, poetry, ASMR, field recordings, and explorations of sonic sexuality.”

About this set:

“Defeat Patriarchal Society’s control over female body and Population / Speak without fear / Love yourself / Say Vagina / Enjoy music from real babes: Pillow Queen, D.Tiffany, Astrid Monroe, Burial, Satœna, Miss Kittin… and more / Hear about the real untold history of humanity in other words Bonobos / Get a lesson on how to wax, what sex work really mean for women, and hear the truth from my soul mother; Audre Lorde / Devour an exquisite menu of words from: Ruin, Karolina Bartczac, Dalel Blink, Evelijn Forrest, Jenny Grant, Kaylin Eu / Remember to masturbate every day and if possible record yourself and send it to me for my next mix… all gender / Come to Radiant Love tonight Lucy X is on and siiiiick / Hopefully get empowered and come talk to me / Watch out for Yellow Center / I love U”

2 hours of spoken word, lecture, noise, honest discussion, sex, sexual attention, the female orgasm, the male role in sex, how men perform sex. Women and sexuality, relaxing enough to cum. Power, industrial, feeling perilous and powerful at the same time. Jarring and tranquil the female perspective, scorned, authoritative, tired.

One sip and you’ll be mine.

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